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All designs created by Weila Design are subject to mandatory testing.

I have a small team of regular project testers. All designs undergo mandatory testing. I strive for impeccable quality projects.

In addition, I am interested in finding new active project testers. It should be embroidered people. Who like to decorate their own designs with our embroidery designs. And the most important condition is that you must be able to take fantastic photos of your projects. Photography is the face of design. It is central to the presentation and description of the product in the store. Photography should interest the viewer, encourage him to get to know the project better and buy it. Look at your photo as a viewer. Would you like to buy this product if the store had THIS photo?

Photos taken in the dark will not work for me. This should not be a photograph with blurry contours of the subject from the dark corner of the room. I do not want fast photos.

This is a mutually beneficial cooperation for you if you:

- creative and enthusiastic person

- Confidently use your embroidery machine. You know how to choose the right stabilizer for different projects. You know how to adjust the thread tension in your embroidery  machine

- You know how to take super photos (present the project in the best possible way) The photo should be presented in 16: 9 or 4: 3 format

What do you get from working with Weila Deign

- will become part of the team

- the ability to receive any projects from the store for free

 - use projects with embroidery both for yourself and for sale. Use projects in the same way as any buyer.

Without breaking the rules for using the design.

We are a developing company in the field of embroidery. We will be very grateful for the help in promoting our store.

And thank you for your cooperation in testing and promoting projects. we need new photos of any of our projects.